Unified Communication

We have extensive strength in the following areas:

Telephony and Voice – providing a consolidated, virtualized, location-independent, secure and robust IP voice infrastructure as the platform for richer communication and collaboration

Visual Communications – adding visual impact to remote collaboration to eliminate the time and cost penalties of traveling, improve interaction, reduce process loss and transform business operations

Collaborative Workspace – reducing costs and increasing agility by integrating multiple communication channels presence and content within the user’s working context

Conferencing – implementing and integrating the latest video and audio conferencing platforms to enable effective collaboration around the world.

Messaging – improving productivity and responsiveness by providing rich messaging capabilities in one integrated experience

Social Collaboration – providing a richer way of collaborating that leverages social media techniques and user behaviors, but remains compatible with enterprise requirements

Telecommunications Management – saving time, improving efficiency and optimizing your communications spend by managing all your fixed and mobile network services.

Unified Communication

IP Video Conferencing

MSOFT provides IP video conferencing solutions, helping organizations make the transition to an Internet-driven world with instant communication, creating an immersive, face-to-face experience over the internet, empowering users to collaborate with each other effectively.

Call Centre Solutions

  • You always want to have a full interaction with your clients.
  • You want to reach out and meet your potential clients by generating call leads.
  • Our IP PBX has an integrated call center Statistics Module.