Networking Services

MSOFT Technologies assure you that your network is:

  • Flexible and robust to respond to the changing dynamics of your business
  • Tailored to meet your communication needs
  • Managed end to end through best practices such as technology lifecycle management (TLM)
  • Adaptability, thanks to new computing models like
    software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Compliant with regulations and corporate governance guidelines
  • Aligned with the highest industry standards
Networking Services

Network Management

MSOFT does network monitoring and support to assist
her customers to properly manage their networks. We
use a number of network monitoring tools giving proactive responses to network abnormalities.

Network Management

Network Segmentation and Optimization Management

MSOFT does this to help her customers make most
of their resources. Therefore, obtaining most of their opportunities and improve their network quality by increasing network availability. This helps to reduce costs that the companies may incur due to unavailability of network resources.

MSOFT also does network segmentation; splitting a network into network segments/layers in order to extend the network, reduce congestion and improving the network security and performance.

Network Security

MSOFT’s information security solutions utilize our internal methodology which includes assessment, validation, planning, implementation, and management. MSOFT understands that top business concerns around solutions like identity management, policy development, and incident response plans, as well as technology solutions like firewalls, intrusion detection, and strong authentication.

We provide Network performance monitoring tools to assist Network administrators in managing complex networks. MSOFT uses industrial security vendors like Symantec, Cyberoam, Kaspersky, Cisco, Sonic WALL etc.